In the Digitales Brandenburg portal, we provide digitized works from the University Library's holdings and those of our cooperation partners free of charge. The main focus of the collections of the Potsdam University Library is on Brandenburgica and Judaica.

The offer is extended by the topics of the cooperation partners:

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berlin-Brandenburgischer Ornithologen (ABBO) with Otis : Zeitschrift für Ornithologie und Avifaunistik in Brandenburg und Berlin
  • Theodor-Fontane-Archiv Potsdam and Theodor Fontane Gesellschaft e.V. with Fontane-Blätter
  • Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr (ZMSBw) with a collection on First World War
  • The Abraham Geiger Kolleg with the series: Studies in Progressive Halakhah.

Further works are added continuously and displayed in the New Publications bar. You can browse through our offers by clicking on the facette Contents on the left or search for digital copies directly. If a full text is available, it can be searched.

New Publications