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"Be fruitful and multiply" / Walter Jacob -- Artificial fertilization and procreative autonomy / David Ellenson -- Abortion and the Halakhic conversation / Mark Washofsky -- Developing Halakhic attitudes to sex preselection / Daniel Schiff -- The use of animals in medical research / Judith Z. and Steven Z. Abram -- The paternity of an infertile male / Moshe Zemer -- Selected reform responsa. Artificial insemination / Solomon B. Freehof ; Artificial insemination / Alexander Guttmann ; The fertility pill / Solomon B. Freehof ; Test tube baby / Walter Jacob ; In vitro fertilization with cousin's ova / Walter Jacob ; A Rabbinic ban on sperm donation / Moshe Zemer ; Surrogate mother / Walter Jacob ; Predetermination of sex / Israel Bettan ; Birth control / Jacob Z. Lauterbach ; Abortion / Solomon B. Freehof
Keywords (English)
When is abortion permitted? / Walter Jacob ; The abortion of an anencephalic fetus / Walter Jacob ; Abortion and live fetus study / Solomon B. Freehof ; Caesarean on a dead mother / Solomon B. Freehof ; Fetus used for experimentation / Walter Jacob ; Fetus kept alive as a source for organs / Walter Jacob ; Burial of miscarriages stillborn and infants / Walter Jacob ; Hysterectomy / Solomon B. Freehof ; Vasectomy / Walter Jacob

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